Bluecom Systems’ Radiobot 1.0 technology has the ability to turn any software-defined radio (SDR) in to a Wideband Autonomous Cognitive Radio (WACR). These are multi-band, multi-mode radios that can autonomously transform their communications mode in response to the perceived state of the spectrum, network, radio and the user needs. Radiobot 1.0 achieves this capability thanks to the Bluecom Systems’ advanced spectrum knowledge acquisition algorithms and cognitive communications protocols for including, but not limited to, cognitive cooperative communications, cognitive jamming/anti-jamming, dynamic spectrum sharing/management and spectrum agility.

The Radiobot 1.0 provides custom cognitive engine implementations capability to realize powerful cognitive communications suitable for arbitrary application scenarios of interest to the user. The Radiobot 1.0 is a robust technology solution that leverage advances in machine learning, wireless technologies, FPGA and reconfigurable RF antennas.

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